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Nationally Recognized Personal Training Program

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60 Minutes featuring the Ruff Fitness Training Protocol designed specifically around the needs of the client. Total Body Metabolic Training that’s challenging, educational and motivational. We will bring out your very best –  helping you look better, perform better and building your confidence!


Clients get all the benefits of One-on-One Training, however two people really make training fun! While exercises are still customized around the specific needs of each client, the dynamic of two clients working together with a trainer creates many magical moments!


The camaraderie & support you need from group training sessions. Working out in a group provides accountability and structure to help achieve fitness goals. Group training sessions motivate each participant to keep up the pace and reach beyond plateaus. Challenge each other- inspire others and let them inspire you

Corporate Fitness

Corporate Clients have included: Trump Properties, Doylestown Hospital Wellness Center, and The Fitness Company World Trade Center- named by Simon and Schuster as the “finest corporate health club in the country.” Ruff Fitness develops specific Health, Fitness, and Wellness Plans to improve your company’s productivity and employee morale while reducing health care costs.

What Clients Say

Having been in the fitness & sports training industry for over 20 plus years I have had the good fortune to learn from some great people. Without hesitation, the person I learned the most from in regard to functional training, cardiovascular training & game planning with enthusiasm at the highest level is Dave Ruff of Ruff Fitness. DR is an inspiration to many people. Having worked with over 100 NFL & Pro athletes including Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens, I owe a lot to Dave for all he taught me. I recommend Dave Ruff 100% to anyone serious about improving their health

Brian Martin, Brian Martin CSCS

Ruff Fitness is the ultimate in professional training! They will take your fitness to new heights regardless of where you are starting from. The Ruff Fitness trainer’s will make it interesting, challenging, and educate you on the importance of maintaining a fit body for your whole life. Stop by the Ruff Fitness Training Center to meet the legend that still runs with the lead pack!

Mike Scherwitz, Owner of Body Drive-Fort Lauderdale

Dave Ruff is one of the country’s foremost authorities on exercise and training techniques. His approach is based on science and biomechanics, developed through years of education and hands-on experience with thousands of individuals coming from a variety of lifestyles and health needs.

Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, The Club & Spa Synergy Group Consultants

The thing that’s so fantastic about Dave and his team is the enthusiasm they bring to the table every day. There’s a serious passion for not only just helping clients reach their goals, but in finding new and innovative ways to make that happen. When you add that to the sheer amount of experience Dave has under his belt, it’s just an amazing thing.

JT Netterville, Owner of Move Personal Training- Hawaii